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Album - RCW: The Early Years...........

Album - RCW: The Early Years...........


Album: 'The Early Years: 1421 - 2012' by ROB COOK WILLIAMS


The Early Years: 1421 - 2012

Rob Cook Williams,  Long-awaited album by live session man and established guitar teacher 

        A diverse range of musical styles made from Rob's early band recordings in the '80s, through to instrumentals used for adverts in the '90s and through to live festival appearances in the 2000s make this an obvious choice for tracks to make an official album.

Summing up many of Rob's musical styles and love of all aspects of the guitar and eras in music - hence the title - you can catch a little bit of the humour and musical moods of Mr Cook-Williams in this rare compilation.

All songs / music written and copyrighted by Rob Cook Williams: Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Spanish Guitar, Bass Guitar, Fretless Bass, Vocals, Mandolin, Keyboards, all Vocals and Background Vocals.


Track listing. .

  Zarzuela de Mariscos       Track 2    
  Never Known Such a Woman       Track 4    
  Inspiration       Friends    
  The Automatic Gnome       Highw(A)y 483    
  Snakeskin       Song for Paul    
  Lonely Oyster       Ba-Rock    
  Wrote It, Live            
This album ℗ 2012, © 2012 Golden Guitars / Rob Cook Williams 
All tracks written and performed by Rob Cook Williams 
Early recordings AAD quality up to DDD

The version of Highw(A)y 483 was taken from the album 'Rob Cook Williams: Live at the Annual Jazz, Blues & Rock Festival 2009'


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